Video conferencing Solution as a service

Are you looking for a video conferencing solution that genuinely works? One without downtime, with an excellent ease-of-use and high quality of sound and picture?

You're in the right place. We provide video conferencing as a done-for-you service all the way from choosing the best solution for your company, to instalment, maintenance and support.

Praecom has been in the video conferencing business since 2008. We are official reseller for world's leading video conferencing solution providers, such as Cisco, Lifesize and Polycom.

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Reliable video conferencing solutions

In 2017, our video conferencing services were used over 5,5 million minutes in total, without any downtime.

Our customers have been especially happy about the ease of use, the reliability and the high quality of image and sound.


Get support from professionals every step of the way

Even if the services were reliable and easy to use, the users will confront challenges.

Our Service Desk, located in Finland, will help you 24/7 with any matters related to video conferencing. We are truly solving problems, not just passing your ticket to the next person or service provider.

On average, our Service Desks answers a call in 9 seconds.


Seamless communication supports your whole business

A true corporate-level video conferencing solution supports your employees in different meeting situations from board meetings to one-on-one remote interviews. When your solution works reliably and it is easy to use, your business will save time and money.

Praecoms video conferencing solutions are used in companies of all sizes: from stock-listed companies to small companies of under 10 employees.


Happy customers

Praecom has been in the video conferencing business since 2018. Our client satisfaction is very high: 97 percent of our customers would recommend us.

Below you can watch video interview featuring one of our customers: Kari Suominen, the CIO of Fingrid - the national electricity transmission grid operator in Finland. The interview is in Finnish, with subtitles in English.



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